Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Farm!
Goodrock Park is located on the banks of Sunday Creek within historic Sugarloaf Creek. 

The 53 Hectare (132 Acre) site has gone through a range of enterprises over the last two hundred years, from traditional home of the Daung Wurrung people, to squatter's title and Merino run,  a bluestone quarry and finally a Llama Stud before making the transition of title to our ownership. This site has seen a lot of changes and there are many more planned to come. 

Goodrock Park is a vision involving land restoration and the building of a dream to create a natural, free range, sustainable and diverse mixed farming and teaching enterprise and only a mere hours drive from the Melbourne CBD. 

Our aim, is to be as open and honest about the process going forward. We plan to publish everything in relation to setting up our community friendly venture. Everything from  the whole farm design, pasture renovations and design of the eco passive home will be available via our blog. We will try and share everything as we travel along this road.

This website, much like the rest of the farm, is still under development, So thank you for visiting and join us as we travel on our path by checking back to see how we are doing.