2012 New Rural Industries Australia National Conference

posted 5 Feb 2012, 20:34 by Taiss Q
Rural enterprise, innovation and change

When: Thursday 19 April and Friday 20 April, 2012
Where: Mercure Hotel and Convention Centre, Ballarat, Victoria

Rural Australia has many faces and is in a continual state of change. Enterprise and innovation play a vital role in meeting the many challenges of economic pressure, fluctuating weather patterns, market supply and demand, as well as export trade.

New and emerging industries play an ever-increasing role for diversification, crop and stock rotation, small regional blocks, niche market opportunities, agri-tourism, and consumer demands for clean and green.
NRIA is about profitable commercialisation of new, innovative and emerging plant, animal and associated regional industries. We leverage R&D, national and international networks to build commercial alliances, and at the same time, seek to deliver strong benefits to stakeholder industries, build regional economies and benefit wider Australian communities through these activities.

The second National Conference is showcasing the diverse range of new and emerging industries and enabling producers to network, share information and gain knowledge that is key to their own business success.