Boosting beef profitability in North East Victoria

posted 6 Oct 2011, 21:59 by Taiss Q
North East beef producers will have the opportunity in October to interact with leading technical experts to assist in managing a more efficient, highly profitable beef enterprise.

An initiative of The Department of Primary Industries (DPI), Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE (GOTAFE), The University of Melbourne, and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the North East Beef School will kick off proceedings at Melbourne University Dookie Campus with a dinner on Monday 10 October before launching the jam-packed program the following day.

Dougal Purcell, DPI BetterBeef Project Manager said the program brings together Australia’s leading beef cattle experts to deliver the most relevant and accurate information.

“To have Professor Mike Goddard, a world leading animal geneticist, on the program is quite a privilage. Professor Goddard is at the forefront of developing new genetic technologies globally. He also has an ability to describe current and future genetic selection tools in a very practical and understandable manner,” Mr Purcell said.

The Beef School starts on Monday evening with a social dinner followed by Dr Paul Cusack who will talk on Animal Welfare – community expectations, compliance and the livestock industry. Participants will have the option of staying at Dookie College on the Monday night, with the conference starting at 8.00am Tuesday morning and concluding at 4.00pm.

Tuesday’s program also includes Tim McRae from MLA presenting on the global beef outlook and its relevance to Victoria, Sandy McEachern from Holmes Sackett and Dr Rod Manning from Mike Stephens and Associates on managing a highly efficient and profitable beef enterprise, Frank Mickan and Greg Ferrier from DPI on hay and silage production, Dick Whale (Dick Whale Breeding Services) and Dougal Purcell (DPI) on live animal assessment and meeting a market specification, and Alison Desmond (DPI) and Cheryl Graham (Farminganswers) on pasture utilisation and growth.

Leigh Kildey, Comercial Manager of Agriculture at GOTAFE said “One of the key elements of the event is the practical nature of the program, including use of live animals and outside activities. The conference will promote additional educational opportunities for attending participants”.

Conference only costs just $40 per person for conference only or $125 for conference including accommodation and dinner. Discounts apply for businesses with multiple attendees. For more information please contact Alison Desmond on 0409 424 274 or Dougal Purcell on 0428 563 309. Please RSVP to Belinda Drury at GOTAFE, by email or telephone (03) 5723 6137 or 0459 502 760



Information & contact:

Pre-conference Dinner: Monday October 10
Conference: Tuesday October 11

Melbourne University Dookie Campus

RSVP to:
Belinda Drury - GOTAFE
Tel: (03) 5723 6137 or 0459 802 760