EU and MSA Market Access Workshops

posted 15 Aug 2011, 20:46 by Taiss Q
A grain fed, high quality beef (GF-HQB) quota of 20,000 tonnes became available to Australia in January 2010.  With an increase to 48,500 tonnes in 2012-13, and adding to the traditionally accessed grass fed ‘Hilton Beef’ quota of 7,150 tonnes, demand for EU accredited cattle will continue to stay strong. Producers accredited to supply cattle into the EU market have received premiums for their product.   

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) registered product demand is also increasing.  Workshops will address how to become EU accredited and MSA registered, plus the benefits of electronic identification for marketing and production with new technologies. 

Sessions include:
•  International and European market overview 
•  Better Beef, More Beef From Pastures, update 
•  How to become EU accredited 
•  Processor appraisal of EU and international markets 
•  MSA registration and how to consign 
•  NLIS software for beef producers 
•  Utilising electronic ID on beef farms

Registration required for catering purposes  
The Workshops will run from 10 am -2:30pm at Mansfield: Monday 19th September, 2011

For further information or to register for a workshop, please contact Sam Ellis at DPI Bendigo on: 
mobile 0408 922 712 or via email: