RDA Fund Announced

posted 27 Mar 2011, 23:46 by Taiss Q

The Minister for Regional Development, Simon Crean MP, announced a $1.4 billion Regional Development Australia Fund designed to boost economic development in Australia’s regions.

Minister Crean said that “the allocation of funding will be competitive, merit-based and only applications that have the backing of local Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees will be considered.”

Key criteria for the application funding guidelines are:

    • Delivery of concrete economic and social benefits;
    • Commitment to innovation and building capacity in local communities;
    • Linking regional communities across traditional boundaries; and
    • Ability to leverage additional funding across government and the private sector.
This is potentially good news for a number of regions and we can only hope that environmental and sustainable factors are considered as part of the applications. I, for one, would love to see an Aerobic Digester based CHP built to deal with the organic waste and create electricity and fertiliser for the region it is placed within.

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