Soils and Carbon Workshop

posted 2 May 2011, 17:35 by Taiss Q   [ updated 2 May 2011, 17:48 ]
Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral Society Prersents the 
On Farm Soils and Carbon Workshop

When: 9.30 am, Saturday 7 May 
At:  Worrough, 410 Greenslopes Rd. Seymour

This program will appeal to all producers who are dependent on healthy soils.              
It will also provide some of the answers to the vital questions regarding the position of 
agriculture and the livestock industries in this carbon conscious age.

It will offer participants the latest information on the biology of our soils and the     
supportive role of carbon in soil health. There will also be an opportunity to examine     
various soils in the field.

This FREE workshop includes lunch plus morning and afternoon  tea.
For catering purposes phone 57970243 or email to RSVP


Learning More About our Soils, a practical one day, hands on workshop for farmers, horticulturists and gardeners in the Carbon Conscious Age

Programme          Time: 9.30am Morning tea-10.00am Start

Introduction: Jacci Campbell, Gecko ClaN, Landcare

The Big Picture, Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming Our vital role as managers of soil biology and livestock 

Morning Tea

Presentation - Soil Biology Basics 

  • Plant growing cycle and the role of CO2
  • Carbon and its place in the soil nutrient cycle Management issues and opportunities
  • Discussion, Q&A

Field Session

  • Inspect and discuss various soil types on site Assess humus content (Carbon)
  • Physical characteristics, profiles and workability Water holding capacity and fertility
  • Discussion, Q&A


Exploring Livestock Grazing, Healthy Soils and Greenhouse Gases 

  • Presenter and Producers - Sharing Information and Experience Grazing and cropping management
  • Breeding for Efficiency
  • Pasture management for production and soil health
  • Fertilisers & economics
  • Discussion, Q&A

Afternoon Tea

  • Networking