So you have a Mental Illness, What Now?

posted 28 Mar 2011, 02:12 by Taiss Q   [ updated 29 Mar 2011, 05:59 ]
As a sufferer of mental illness, someone who is acutely aware  of the strife it causes, and how rampant it is out in the country, I have always supported initiatives like Beyond Blue. Until recently, though, there just wasn't the right material to explain the situation to anyone. So, I think it is terrific to see a resource written by those who have been there. This booklet is an introduction to the mental health system, from a "consumer perspective". It talks about some of the diversity, of how people respond to a diagnosis of 'mental illness,' and it is written entirely by a team of mental health "consumers".

It is available a free eBook download, or you can get further details  on how to pick up a copy, or even request one delivered to you by going to the My Consumer Place website.