Workshop: Fundamentals of BioGas - Production and Use

posted 14 Feb 2012, 19:18 by Taiss Q
This pilot workshop is aimed at current or future operators, managers and proprietors of biogas production plants to provide participants with a basic understanding of the principles and 
practices of biogas production. 

The use of bio-gas production is being taken up by industry to optimise the potential of valuable 
organic bi-products and to minimize the impact of environmental concerns. Key industries are: 
 Intensive piggeries, beef feedlots and chicken production units; 
 Production horticulture industries such as almond, olive, citrus and vegetables; 
 Food processing; and  
 Municipal waste collection. 

The key areas covered in the workshop are: 
 An Introduction to Bio-gas Production and Use 
 Anaerobic Digestion Process 
 Anaerobic Digestion Reactors 
 Substrate Pre-treatment 
 Substrate Treatment 
 Substrate Post-treatment 
 Final Use and Products, such as methane production and electrical generation 
 Co-products and their use 
 Working with organisational policies, procedures and checklists 
 Set up, preparation and operation of equipment 
 Relevant legislation and regulations 
 Terms and definitions 

This pilot workshop is part of a Skills Victoria project conducted through the National Centre for 
Sustainability at Sunraysia Institute of TAFE and is part of a trial phase of a project which is 
aimed at developing bio-gas knowledge and skills for Industry. 

The pilot workshop is being presented by nationally acknowledged industry leaders in bio-gas 

Locations and Dates 
To be advised - dependent on numbers and location(s) of expressions of interests. 

Expressions of Interest 
We are currently taking expressions of interest which can be directed to: 
Darryl Pearl 
National Centre for Sustainability at Sunraysia Institute of TAFE 
Email: or Phone: 03 5022 3704