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William Hamilton

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Other early squatters that followed were Dr. Richard Hamlyn, who squatted on the Dry Creek near Kilmore in 1837; Frederick A. Powlett and W. P. Green had squatted just north of Kilmore; William Hamilton was on the Sugarloaf Creek and Alexander Mollison at Pyalong, all by 1838

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From a letter to His Excellency C. J. La Trobe, Esq.by HUGH MURRAY. SIK, Colac, 18th August 1853.

Early in 1838, Messrs. Pollock, Dewing, Bromfield, and Mr. Briggs (for Capt. Fyans) took up the unoccupied land around the banks of Lake Colac. They were followed by Messrs. Watson and Hamilton, and after them the Messrs. Manifold stretched out to the west, and towards the end of that year and the beginning of 1839 the squatters spread rapidly over the Western District. All those persons I have named came from V. D. Land, and brought their sheep from there, except Capt. Fyans, who brought cattle from Sydney.