Small Farm Consulting

Over the next year, alongside the development of the Farm, we will also be developing the Goodrock Park Small Farm Consulting service. Built on the premise of our base philosophy to pass on the skills and knowledge we amass while undergoing our transformation, it aims to marry that knowledge with additional value from the experience accumulated during our the combined years of consulting.

Taiss has over 20 years as an IT Consultant specialising in aligning business requirements with technologies. Ingrid is a Vertical Market/Business Analyst with a background in Bio/Chemistry, Manufacturing and Business Administration.

We are currently refreshing, acquiring or re-tooling our skills so as to be able to include a range of services that would be suitable and useful to Small Farm holders. Expected services we hope to provide are:
  • Farm Planning --
    From a discussion of your goals to a site inspection, we will ensure that we cover what resources, skills, responsibilities and risks will face you as you begin the task of achieving your plan. We will assist by recommending enterprises, services and education you may require. Along with a site inspection, we will provide a structured document outlining key elements of your direction, proposed operations and management practices for your land and the enterprises you wish to undertake. It will detail what you have and develop plans to ensure that you look after the land so that the land works for you.

  • EFP/EBMP/CRM Planning -- 
    Utilising an approved Environmental Farm Planning (EFP) Program, we will assist you in assessing practices that impact on the environment and help you to maintain your own Environmental Best Management Practices (EBMP) workbook. Utilising the same framework, we can assist you to develop a Climate Risk Management (CRM) plan to identify climate and environmental aspects that may affect or alter your enterprise. 

  • Agricultural IT solutions --
    From mapping software to livestock management. RFID readers to automatic weight stations. Anyone can sell you individual products and solutions. Our job is to help you assess the products and solutions to ensure that they meet your requirements and, most importantly, integrate with the rest of your existing equipment and processes. Let us help you make the right choice. 

  • Vocational Training and Assessment  -- 
    Under Development

We will update this page as services become available.