Recommended Reading

There is a wide selection of books available for the existing and emerging agriculturalist and agronomist. 

All of the following titles are owned, on the wish list or have been read by the proprietors of Goodrock Park and either currently (or will soon) adorn the shelves of our learning library.

Each title is considered a valuable addition to the Farm library and is recommended for your reading or purchasing consideration.
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Beef Production and Management Decisions Thomas G. Field, Robert E. Taylor, Frank E. Hagan 9780131198388 
Day Range Poultry Andy Lee, Patricia Foreman 9780962464874  
Domestic Geese Chris Ashton 9781847972156  
Handbook of Livestock Management Richard A. Battaglia 9780131189331 
Hedges and Hedgelaying Murray MacLean 9781861268686 
Humane Livestock Handling  Temple Grandin 9781603420280 
Life in the Soil James B. Nardi 9780226568522 
Livestock Handling and Transport Temple Grandin 9781845932190  
Living with Pigs Chuck Wooster 9781592288779 
Modern Pig Production Technology John Gadd 9781907284472 
Mycelium Running Paul Stamets 9781580085793 
One-straw Revolution Masanobu Fukuoka 9788185569314  
Pastured Poultry Profits Joel Salatin 9780963810908  
Scientific Farm Animal Production T. G. Field 9780135111499 
The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals Gail Damerow 9781603429696  
The Best of Breeds Jenny Buckton 9781843232919 
The Cattle Health Handbook Heather Smith Thomas 9781603420907 
The Complete Compost Gardening Guide  Barbara Pleasant, Deborah L. Martin 9781580177023 
The Farming Ladder G. Henderson 9781446508794  
The Soul of Soil Joe Gershuny Smillie, Grace 9781890132316  
The Whole Hog Lyall Watson 9781588342164  
Whittemore's Science and Practice of Pig Production Colin T. Whittemore, Ilias Kyriazakis 9781405124485 
You Can Farm Joel Salatin 9780963810922 
Showing 23 items